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Member (single)

Price: $120.00

As the only party dedicated to supporting regional communities, The Nationals have the largest and strongest membership of any political party in regional NSW.

As a Nationals member, you can:

  • Have your say and influence Nationals policy
  • Work with Nationals MPs and supporters to get a better deal for your local community
  • Participate in local Branch and Electorate Council meetings and candidate preselections
  • Attend great social functions and network with committed people from across NSW
  • Attend and vote at our Annual General Conference, the party’s chief policy-making body
  • Stand up and make sure your community has a strong voice

As part of The Nationals you really can make a difference.

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The laws regarding political donations for state elections have changed significantly. Certain restrictions apply to the making of political donations, including purchasing tickets to fundraising events. By offering to make a donation you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the new legal requirements, and affirm that you are eligible to make a donation.

Limitation on Donations to Political Parties

There is a cap on political donations for State elections. The cap is $5,900 for aggregated political donations to or for the benefit of a registered political party during the 2016/2017 financial year.

Prohibited Donors

It is unlawful for a prohibited donor to make a political donation. A close associate of a property developer, a tobacco industry business entity or a for-profit liquor or gambling business entity (including any industry representative organisation where the majority of its members are these entities) is prohibited from making political donations. A director or officer or person whose voting power is greater than 20% (and their spouses) are considered to be a close associate.

Disclosure Warning

If you make a political donation or incur electoral expenditure of $1,000 or more, you must complete and lodge a declaration with the NSW Electoral Commission in accordance with the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981. A political donation includes a contribution or entry fee or an annual or other subscription. You must also disclose a political donation of less than $1,000 if the total amount of political donations made by you in respect of the same party (or associated parties), elected member, group, candidate or person in the same financial year is $1,000 or more. Penalties apply for failing to lodge a declaration.

Further information

The above is a summary only. For the complete requirements, see Part 6 of the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981.